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Chase is a fun and enjoyable 3D game which is about chasing one or more smart agents and catching them before they escape out of a maze.

You can also play in Two Player mode with a friend as an Escaper which is so much more fun!!

The smart agents use cool algorithms to avoid getting caught and escape the maze. Further coupled with interesting maze constructions and harder challenges with increasing levels, one is setup to engage both their wits and reflexes to their best. Speed controls to get a speed boost or slow down escapers bring that extra dimension to the game.

The game comes with multiple characters to choose from allowing one to customise the game in the best way. One can choose the navigation controls from split, left, right or tap options. One can also configure the view angle of the maze. The game comes with cool background music and eye pleasing aesthetics to accentuate the gaming experience.

The game has cool features like first person view and path highlighting. You can also remove ads to enjoy the game with no interruptions.

The app does age check to avoid collecting personal information from children. One could also opt out of personalised ads (ad tracking).

Credits: Background music - Chase by Alexander Nakarada | Music promoted by

The app is available on Google Play store.

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